About Us


Always searching for knowledge. Occasionally hunting large bugs.


Márcio Albuquerque

Computer Engineering bachelor, is fascinated by the art of photography. Has the ability of creating electronic and programming contraptions.


David Borges


Computer engineer and explorer of outer space in the free time.


Júnior Farrapo


Computer Engineering student, likes books, but prefers a good series. Likes microelectronics projects and seeks to help friends. Currently lost in search of a a good project. It’s me.


Rafael Acurcio


Computer Engineering student, likes to read, to play, to DIY style and to learn new things. Always finding a little bit of time to figure out some new exoteric topic to read or discuss. And not less important loves pizza.


Robson Couto

Electrical Engineer and maker by nature, lover of electronics and microcontrollers.