Escute o álbum de Rap de Game of Thrones


A quarta temporada de Game of Thrones está chegando em abril e parte da campanha publicitária da série é um álbum de rap baseado nos personagens. Sério!

O motivo, segundo Lucinda Martinez, vice presidente senior de marketing multicultural da HBO, é tentar ampliar o interesse de plateias de diversas etnias, pois foi calculado que cerca de 76% da audiência da série é composta por brancos. O álbum Catch the Throne contém 10 faixas cantadas por rappers e artistas de hip-hop como Big Boi, Common e Daddy Yankee. Confira abaixo a lista completa de músicas e letras.


[showhide type=”motherofdragons” more_text=”Mostrar letra de Mother of Dragons” less_text=”Voltar”]
Do you have a shred of honor?
You are now hand of the king and protector of the realm
All of the powers is yours [you did ?]
We jump and take it

Dungeon dragons, kings and queens

B.I.G. then, mentally weak and now I’m feelin’ stronger
Like the rehab on my knee won’t be that much longer
Before Khaleesi take the Iron Throne
They call her the mother of dragons, you under attack, nigga this our home
It’s Targaryen, the rightful bloodline
So don’t you worry about the Red Weddin’ that made it crunch time
You’re the last forever, maybe death in Heaven
Who am I to second guess it just because Big’s life is bein’ tested
See the question is to be or not to be, I’m happy mom made me
And pappy didn’t blame me so I’m considered the blessin’
An exception to the rule, but rules are made to be broken
And my question is to you, see there’s no hope in bein’ hopeless
As the brokest nigga with eviction notice on his door
It’s possible for anything that happen
I keep on rappin’ through the sadness and the pain, never to feel this way again
A heavy dose of novacaine couldn’t numb me
Or ease it, d-d-d-dumbin’ down, now that’s too easy
Life is but a dream and I’m wide awake and the sheeple lyin’, sleepin’
You win or you die, the White Walkers and Grim Reapers
Either you end it or not, not get caught with death or treason
So fuck the Lannisters and everyone that ride with ’em
Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch finna slide some iron in ’em

[Hook x5]

[showhide type=”ironthrone” more_text=”Mostrar letra de Iron Throne” less_text=”Voltar”]

[Intro: Tyrion Lannister]
What do you want?
Gold? Women? Golden women?
Stick with me and you’ll have them all

[Verse 1]
Every man got a sword and a shield and a knife
Run from the enemy, take away life
Look to the left, look to the right
Enemies surround like thief in the night
Kill, kill, let blood spill
Kill, kill, the word of the kingdom
Mercy, show no mercy
Swords will sharpen, warriors thirsty

[Bridge x2]
One million, yeah, we ready
When it’s more clear up, dead body
Yeah, we fight for the king, we die for the king
If our boy say a word then the streets slaying

When you fight for the Iron Throne and you wear that crown
You run the town, don’t play around
So when you fight for the Iron Throne and you wear that crown
You run the town and we don’t play around

[Verse 2]
There will be no peace ’til I conquer the beast
Children die, parents weep
Kill another, kill another, [?]
In this game of thrones, your life cheap
Conquer the city, burn it down with fire
A thousand rise, a thousand fall
A fire for the traitor to spy on the liar
We don’t care, kill them all

Murder, every day I done murder
We bring child murder
Cold-blooded murder
Let me hear you say murder
Every day I done murder
We bring child murder
Cold-blooded murder

Golden woman, golden woman
All that them fight for, golden woman
Golden woman, that them fight for
Yeah, alright then
When the smoke clear we can see who standing
When the smoke clear



[showhide type=”winordie” more_text=”Mostrar letra de Win or Die” less_text=”Voltar”]

[Intro: Tyrion Lannister]
Is this how justice is done in the Vale?
You accused me of crimes, I denied them
So you throw me in a cell to freeze and starve
Where is the king’s justice?
I am accused and demand a trial

[Verse 1]
Fire and blood, you win or you die
The winter coming so colder than sky
Call me Lord Snow like the wolf and the lion
Meet your pointy end when I stab you with the iron
I wanna sleep good in my castle
And keep my head high when I pass through
It’s lonely down Kingsroad
When a gold crown I don’t trust from the fold
So I live by the sword
Protect the rich, if I gotta kill the poor, it’s done
Tomorrow ain’t promised, leave it all to my son
Fool played the fool, make sure you eat crumbs
Learn to survive for scraps in the slums
Prepare for the night when the morning first come
And in the valley of the death only the strong prevail
Yeah, yeah

You lose if you break the rules
Kings do what they have to do
Shed blood, chased the fool
Rich or poor, which side you choose?

[Verse 2]
(Off with his head now)
The battle of good and evil is visible
The question was right or wrong, the spiritual
Kingdom is filled with spirits of misery
Blinded by the love ’til your fable becomes a mystery
History told in the books that we learn from
Fighting battles with axes and broken arrows
With the courage of God’s forgotten pharaohs
Only watch for the snakes that rattle
[?] one known as the beloved
White walkers can never be trusted
Exile across the narrow sea
I spit fire like Khaleesi
You tried to pass that wall
Night watches, put bodies on the floor
Bloodstains on the wall
Game of thrones is all about war


[showhide type=”magicalreality” more_text=”Mostrar letra de Magical Reality” less_text=”Voltar”]

They want to be with you
Do you want to be with them? You will be
Winter, summer, winter again
A thousand seasons, you will be with them
And we be will with you, welcome home
This is not my home, “Dracarys”

[Verse 1]
A golden life burning from a torch
All I see is darkness, out here all alone
The winter’s cold, feel it in my bones
Appearing through the night, the midnight sky above

Abandoned sight, empty halls can’t find the light
Stars still falling in my mind
Who are you I’ve come to find?
I wanna make a right, close myself in thoughts tonight
Earths and sky, found heart in mind
Give me what I need to fire

Make believe inside a dream, magical reality
Love me here, don’t let me leave
Make me see us, make believe
Make me believe it
Make it real for me
Make me believe it, make me see
Make believe

[Verse 2]
Can’t lock me up, bound me here in chains
Though evil surrounds me, it’s all just the same
Go through the fire just to make it rain
Feel the heat inside, the Kingdoms know my name

[Refrain] + [Hook]


[showhide type=”borntorule” more_text=”Mostrar letra de Born to Rule” less_text=”Voltar”]

[Intro: Varys]
Power is a curious thing
Who lives, who dies
Power resides where men believes it resides
It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall

[Verse 1]
I’m on my game as the king, come and kiss the ring
On top of the chain and can’t go against the grain
They trying to tame, but they can’t contain us
They want my throne, they making arrangements
Can’t take my greatness
You lose some and you win some, but I win all of my kingdom
And carry on with my empire with lawyers, soldiers and wisdom
Winter’s coming, watch the fall, I’m cold-hearted and built for war
They say what was dead may never die, today [?] you gon’ break the wall

I was born to rule the world, victories now be gone
Hear the power in my word, you ain’t gotta wait along
You ain’t gotta wait along

[Verse 2]

You get bloody rain, still paws, iron tears
Got chosen, reason why they put me here

[showhide type=”aryasprayer” more_text=”Mostrar letra de Arya’s Prayer” less_text=”Voltar”]
[Intro: Dagmer Cleftjaw]
He has to pay the iron price
They’ll never respect you while he lives

[Verse 1]
Livin’ life on the run is a sad short story
Bitter with my troubles for the daily kill Jory
Middle child of five, but I’m wilder and smarter
Quick like a snake and calm as still water
After Joffery made a martyr of my Father
I had to flee the city, but my heart grew harder
Gotta get to Winterfell, Yoren knows the deal
Cats soft like Lommy, all they wanna do is yield
For real, see everyone wagon needs a wheel
And at ten I stay sharp, like castle forged steel
The Lannisters are looking and the Gold Cloaks came
They wanna gut a boy but Arry’s not the name
So he sent them back and he came back in the night
I put the axe in the wagon because a man can’t fight
Green boys outnumbered, saw a few boys fall
They took all of us ‘cept Lommy back to Black Harren’s hall

Watch it all come around as I lay on the ground
Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound
They all think I’m lost but I know where I’m found
I’m the blood in the North when it all comes down
My word is my bond and my bond is my word
Valar Dohaeris, all men must serve
See as a raven flies and time slips by
Valar Morghulis, all men must die

[Verse 2]
Harren the Black’s legacy, the tallest of them all
Now I’m blasted out ruin in my prison Harrenhal
Death in every black tower, pain in every rotten steeple
Ain’t no room for hope and it smells of dead people, evil
Nan, Arry or Weasel, the ghost in these walls when I speak names lethal
Pawn in the game all the same, I’m a catalyst
Before the Bishop peoples and I mingle with the savages
Old lord lion tracks my family in the field
Ask me if I believe anyone can be killed, for real
I get three that’s the deal, not too far from my first
Soon I’ll know how it feels
Thought I was caught between my lord and m’lord
But I show no fear, it cuts deeper than swords
You damn right had I led a different life
If I had been maybe a child of Pyke
I’d gladly pay the iron price


[Verse 3]
All over the realm ran with cutthroats and pages
Haven’t seen the basics in this war of five Graces, patience
Just like I remain nameless
I think I’ve found my calling with the man who stays faceless
Nice to think that my hands will stay stainless
But a girl keeps secrets survival game shameless
The Tickler was cruel, Amory an ignoramus
I named both names and a man was gracious
A man needs a name and a man pays his debts
And a man owes three and a girl has a request
A girl wants the old lion, but the man must digress
So a girl names a man, as a man’s last test
The girl un-names the man, with some help to get away
If a man does this thing then the girl must obey
The man gives the girl a point as a girl decides to say
“The god of death will have his due, but we say not today”


[showhide type=”theparallel” more_text=”Mostrar letra de The Parallel” less_text=”Voltar”]
[Intro: Stannis Baratheon]
I never asked for this
We do not choose our destiny
We must do our duty, no?
Great or small, we must do our duty

[Verse 1]
Now when I write I’m a knight, moving amongst all the wights
Now do I stand back in fright or say ”F it” and fight?
No, Sir, no faking, I’m just saying that there’s walkers in sight
But we done ran most our lives, it’s time we trust in the light
Seen people kill out of spite, caught them just like the stars
Homie sleep like Tyrion off that purp in the dark
Wrong decisions made a mess out on the girl they adore
Now they spending on these whores trying to satisfy their swords
But that doesn’t even the score so I play the game like I’m a [?]
Now watch as I forge in the minds of the birds flying towards us
Like them on a [?]
The entire Western world are still at war
Cause when you have it all you still want more

This life is like a game of thrones
Now you can live or you die

[Verse 2]
So to the iron throne, we coming
Got the green sight, boy, you ain’t seen nothing
Sudden like suddenly how my whole team done it
Brothers without banners, but we do it for the streets
I’d rather kill them on a beat
But you never know what’s gonna creep
So [?] sleep
Come [?] you can feel to the deep
But catch Donny chilling with a female species
With physical features of the girl Khaleesi
And clean with a [?], taking life easy
King in the game so the queens they need me
Like I’m [?] all through the [?]
All of you posers ain’t cut from the body
[?] queen is everything to your body
You a five star chick like [?]
But I P.I.M.P. on and macking is what I be on
Girls in my palace would love to get near me and hand me a [?]
Like the king slayer I am wanted, so many women want my hand
Steady zoning towards that iron throne cause at any moment it could end


[showhide type=”fire” more_text=”Mostrar letra de Fire” less_text=”Voltar”]
[Intro: Daenerys]
Do you understand I’m no ordinary woman?
My dreams come true

[Verse 1]
I’ve been marginalized, I’ve been obliged
To succumb to come to the politics, swallow my pride
I been in the offering by all of these guys
Try walk, I get the brought down to size
Why am I constantly questioned
If inevitably I’m destined to take what we know as my life
That’s the life on the throne and a life I should own
Only people that standing would be on my side
I’ve been up for this long and ain’t slept
I’ve been here, I’ve been gone with no rest
And I’ll take that, take this and take them
Taking no stepbacks, we’ll make shit a movement
There ain’t no rest out, I’ll be taking to allignment
And ain’t no example, no tempering, I will win
But I bet that betting will begin by a measly small, frail woman
Now they see me, but I will summon
But to me it’s fire like hell’s coming

[Verse 2]
In a world where a girl isn’t much
I got the fire that none of y’all gonna touch
I’ve built an army, I’ve been all in the cut
I’ve moved along
I’ve worked as hard as the toughest men involved in all the darkness
Of blood so [?] the swords were drawn at the cusp
But oppurtunity risen between broken trust
And an obsene scene of deep greed and lust
And I’ve seen the injust’
Then they told me to cut the chains, leashes up
And that’s reason enough
And I will take that, take this and take them
Where the rest at there won’t be next of kin
If you don’t step back, step down, I’m convinced
I don’t wanna kill, but I bet I will for the win
What I built isn’t it, gather a milion men
It’s a man’s world ’til a girl works hard as him
When I begin and thoughts come in, stick it to them again
I can guarantee no one fighting me is gonna live

[showhide type=”theladder” more_text=”Mostrar letra de The Ladder” less_text=”Voltar”]
Littlefinger: The realm, do you know what the realm is?
It’s the thousand blades of Aegon’s enemies
A story we agreed to tell each other over and over
‘Til we forget that it’s a lie
Varys: But what do we have left once we abandon the lie?
Chaos, a gaping pit waiting to swallow us all
Littlefinger: Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder

[Verse 1]
The rain came upon us, we played the corners
Like Richard Sherman the best, I’m still learning
Scriptures turn to pages, pictures burn in rages
Outrageous, the big world, the stage is set
Threats coming from different ages
Death is ageless, life is dangerous
Change is the only thing guaranteed
I ain’t afraid of the ops cause I know they bleed just like us
In the Seven Kingdoms ain’t nobody righteous
A massacre at the Red Wedding, the lifeless
Laid on the ground, now who wears the crown?
A rope tied around by the power we bound
Sound the trumpets, I got soldiers by the hundreds
We all want it with our eyes on the summit
Chaos is a ladder and some fall from it
Some get tall from it, high like they all blunted
But this the year that we doing it with no fears
God in both ears saying ”be sincere”
Some are laughing, some of ’em be in tears
If this the end let the games begin

I think about it when I’m in my zone
This life is like a game of thrones
I sit and think when I’m in my zone
This life is like a game of thrones

[showhide type=”kingslayer” more_text=”Mostrar letra de King Slayer” less_text=”Voltar”]
[Verse 1]
Got my back to the wall, this isn’t rap, this is war
Took a sabbatical, I’ll battle anybody who want it
These are my king knack for words, as a actual sword
I could decapitate a rapper, if he be lackin’ he gone
Know that my faction too strong, know that my passion that throne
Know that my team is afloat, no matter what raft that we on
What did you think? Homie I’m never gon’ sink, I’ll be forever a G
Comin’ at me? Haters capiche, I’ll throw you a piece like [?] on the beat
The homie a beast, you know where I be so who want it with me?
Lil homie a beast, with double M G, my young’ns is deep
And every full moon, that’s fact I’m on
I’m tellin’ whoever is messin’ with me, could bring you that Khaleesi heat
Burn up, like I’m tryna fill the urn up
And I’m tryna be the best so see my speech as massacre
Word up, better back up or I’ll pack out that black car service
Get you back up when I’m back up and I plan on murkin’
Your ass is curtains

[Verse 2]
Fakin’ on us and we gon’ ride out
I ain’t fakin’ dawg and you can find out
Chest pokin’ up but what your mind ’bout?
Bet when it be on, they gon’ hide out
Seein’ haters tryna bring me down, no
King slayer knock you out your crown, know
Loyalty and honor what the crew bout
You thinkin’ too hard, what is you ’bout?
Family over monetary any day
My man that get the conversary every day
Never carry weight, my name carry weight
Love, hate, revolve like a .38
Love the paper but the fame in the way
Love the ladies but the queens hard to get
And I’m like a Lannister, run my town, that’s seven kingdoms
And they’ll never stop us, their only option is try to be us

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