Game Boy Advance service manual and schematics.

Last week i put my hands on a GBA with two problems: the sound was very low and the screen was not showing the images very well, explained on a next post. I thought that also there was a problem with power, but it was just the batteries. I never had an Game Boy Advance and this is the first time that I see one up close, so I still know nothing about it.

Well, why have I bought a faulty GBA?

First, it was cheap, really cheap. Second, I thought that would be fun understand how it works and maybe fix it, as I have studied the Genesis(‘Mega Drive’ here) and the Game boy color before. Third, do you ever saw someone not happy while playing Pokémon?

Good! To understand a little about the inwards of a GBA, I just needed the schematics for it, just google them and be happy. That’s totally wrong, I could not find the schematics in any place.

When I searching for something electronics related, I search first in English, because I think that the probability of finding something I want is greater, as there are sites in English in every country in the world. This time it was not this way, I found the schematics in a service manual in Portuguese, from the GBAs produced here in Brazil, in a page that wanted you to pay for it. These things have about 15 years, I don’t think is wrong sharing information about them, so you can download the service manual here (servicing instructions in Portuguese, schematics in English).

Hey, why the hurry? If you came here for this, you probably are a guy like me and is planning to fix or do evil things with your gba, hahaha. I would love to see what kind of stuff you’re doing. Be nice and leave a comment!

Thanks for the reading, and until the next post when i will talk about what I did with the GBA’s screen. See you!

Robson Couto

Recetnly graduated electrical engineer. I enjoy devoting my time to learning about computers, electronics, programming and reverse engineering. My projects are documented in this blog when possible.

9 thoughts to “Game Boy Advance service manual and schematics.”

  1. te amo, cara! procurei isso a semana inteira pra fazer uns mods num gba que comprei… ai chega um amigo meu e me dá outro gba hoje, com as tais bolhas na camada polarizadora. fui procurar pra ver se alguém já tinha tido a mesma ideia insana que eu tive, de arrancar a camada e arranjar outra pra repor. ganhei o manual, e a solução do meu recém-adquirido problema. dois coelhos com uma cajadada só. muito obrigado, meu amigo o/

    1. Hello! We are from Brasil here o/
      Hope you get it right, you just have to be very careful when removing the old plastic.
      I have been working on the game boy advance lately, there may be new stuff coming up if i make something cool.

  2. Saudações do Paraguai! Eu tinha esse projeto maluco de projetar um novo PCB para o GBA, mas faltava o esquema para fazer isso, agora meu projeto pode continuar graças a você!

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