Backup and Burning of Playstation/PocketStation saves

Hey Hackaday readers! Unfortunately this post is not about reverse engineering of the pocketStation, I guess Hackaday got it wrong because the original post is in Portuguese. Yet,  it actually is about how I got to burn new ROMs and read its contents as well. If you like to stay, enjoy yourself. Intro I would […]

marcelo rebelo de sousa e namorada

Ro-BOT – Personal Assistant with Telegram & Arduino.

Hello programming folks, Today I’ll explain about how to create and use a personal assistant (bot) using the Telegram app. For those of you that never heard about it, the Telegram app is very similar to Whats app (even better… cough cough) however there are a few (and meaningful) differences. Telegram uses an open source code created with a huge focus on security […]

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